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Connect with Friends

Connect with people you know and enjoy a virtual experience

World of NFTs

Use our marketplace to buy trade and experience NFTs

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Develop your thoughts

Our toolkit allows developers to build, publish and earn money

Want to use our infrastructure

Use our underlying P2P network and blockchain infrastructure powering both Telperium app and Telperium Design Studio and build your own projects, apps and business. The possibilities are endless

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Our Services

All our services at your fingertips

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Telperium is building a human co-experience platform that enables shared experiences among billions of people and organisations, where everyone can gather and share this social journey. It has a place for users, developers, creative and organisations.

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Pro Studio

Telperium Pro Studio attracts independent developers and creatives to keep building, and publishing. And running their virtual experiences. Telperium world’s users will be prompted to use the Telcoin, the Telperium Pro Studio developers will build viable businesses on top of those virtual realities, and Telperium as a virtual ecosystem earns a small percentage on each transaction.

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Using the hyperledger and multi-chain approach. We have added more features to the existing blockchain infrastructure, making it easy for users to create a private block in the chain. It also helps business leverage techology and implement internal decentralised blockchains

Why Choose Us

We bring fun into the metaverse

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